25 Dec 2016

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Does this construction looks natural and correct (in syntactic sense)
0)Then we deform <font color='red'>&#60some_object&#62</font> keeping it being constant on the <font color='red'>&#60somewhere&#62</font>.
1)Then we deform <font color='red'>&#60some_object&#62</font> in such way that it will constant on the <font color='red'>&#60somewhere&#62</font>.
does this sound natural?

I mean that <some_object> and <somewhere> should be substituted by nouns. And these nouns can denote some abstract notions, for example, <some_object> is mathematical (or computer) function defined on some space. And we want to change it (deform it) but we want to remain it unchanged at some point that is denoted as <somewhere>.
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English (UK)


English (UK)
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