25 Dec 2016

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Question about Arabic

Please show me example sentences with كَفَرَ، فَسَقَ.
Tell me as many daily expressions as possible.


I do not understand the so many different meanings of the verbs: كَفَرَ، فَسَقَ

What I've seen from dictionary is that "كَفَرَ" means "to disbelieve". Can this word be used in normal daily life sentences for saying, e.g. "Despite of the victim providing with enough proofs to defend himself, the company directors still disbelieved in him and fired him from his position." disbelieve in my abilities" "Why do you always disbelieve in what I tell you?"

For فَسَقَ, I've seen from dictionary that it means "to disobey". So can this word also be used in normal life sentences like, e.g. "The boy disobeyed his parents and wasted the money on buying useless things." "You should not disobey your parents as what they want is only the best for you!"

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Arabic Near fluent

Arabic Near fluent
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