26 Dec 2016

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At last I found an answer for myself for the question.
”What is the things that I can only do now?”
It's a part-time job.
Many people may deny my answer.
Surely they would say,”You can save money anytime after graduating from your university.”
But,I don't work part-time to save money.(Of course I want money.)
I want to make every effort to let my student pass her choice school.
This examination is only once in her life.
And the period when I can do my part-time job is only reminder three months.
Being able to be a teacher for somebody is only right now.
This is my last chance,mind me.
I want to live every day in a meaningful way so that I will not regret it afterward.

I think my sentences don't flow as smoothly and I made some mistakes.
please tell me appropriate expression.

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