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"The focus of this research is on the Chinese orphans. The struggling life an orphan experienced. The experience of living as a group has made an orphan lack of social life and also the role of being a child in a family environment. As we expand further research, it will take us to the understanding of the orphanages’ system, which could also call in Chinese translations of fuli yuan. The system of the orphanage is essential for the reader to understand the background of an orphan. Being an orphan is not something every orphan has a choice to be one of them. The implication of being abandoned by family and become an orphan - the development of living in the orphanage with groups of children that have experienced similar situations. Throughout the paper, we can see the transitions from a miserable, unexpected life to a possible blessed, wonderful life that has provided by international, mostly focus on American."

can someone help me to proofread my paragraph? so that it makes sense.

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