15 Nov 2019

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Could you correct and improve this informal email with phrasas verb, grammar and vocabulary?
Could you contribute other ideas about the most difficult, the easiest and the best way to improve English skills?

How you doing!
I'm more than happy to hear from you, as you well know, I'm trying to learn English, although keen, I'm maybe slow to learn, nevertheless with dedication, I'm gradually improving
Attending your demands, as far as I am concerned the most difficult of learning English undoubtely the writing, my piece of advice, if I were you, I'd focus my learning in write as much as possible. The easiest no doubt speak, sometime I wonder why Spanish speaking people are really bad at speaking skill, only you ought to watch English's youtube and just have to repeat what they say by imitating them, so that your skill improve, easy
The last but no least, I'm so sorry, I haven't a clue what is the best way of improving English skills, in my view, the best is living for a while in a English speaking country however it not possible for everyone, most of us have to attend to other things before.
whatever you want, don't leave your dreams of learning by the wayside.

kind regards,

Thank you so much.

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