16 Nov 2019

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Could you check my English
I usually write diary 15 to 20 minutes but I need to get at 5am tomorrow so I’m gonna make it finish in 5minutes. I had work at noon so I finished workout in the morning it was chest day. I lift 5pounds heavier than last time. It seems to be a slight deference but it’s really difficult to do it. To succeed it there’re something I keep in mind. One eat same before workout. Second lift with same form or better form. Third concentrate every set. I know when and what to eat for pre-workout. And Im always trying to find good form the key if I lift comes from prep. No matter how powerful I push, if I do it with wrong form it would be failed. And to concentrate. To make god form and lift powerfully, I need to concentrate. Thank you for reading. I hope you check this sentence.

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