19 Nov 2019

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Question about United States

Hello everybody.. a lot of people in Egypt wanna to immigrate to foreign country .. they think that in any country the life, work, education is more better than their country... and they will not found any unemployment , and employer will appreciate them well and their salaries will be better....
but I thing in usa this may be right but the life is not perfect in this way..
I mean that salaries is big but there are a lot of taxes every citizen must pay them so the big salary will be little !
I need know their opinion is right and your life is perfect and comfortable ??! and if the answer is no ,, I need you tell me the problems of living in usa and challenges ! ...
in the end ,, I apologize for my english if there are any mistakes .. because I feel that you are will not understand my talking ,, and I need know if my english is very bad and not understanding or good ?
thank you so much ..

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