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There is no denying the fact that never before have we seen such an increase in the crime rate. This essay encompasses the causes as well as the measures that should be taken into consideration to tackle this matter.
As far as causes are concerned there is a myriad. First and foremost, it stands to reason that the mechanization of some process have left hordes of people without a job. Not to mention that many people have neither qualifications nor experience. As a result, the unemployment rate has spiken and many people are forced to look for their livelihood towards a life of crime. Secondly, on many occasions, criminals do not receive a punishment or the chastisement is leniant. This leads that they are reluctant to relinquish to continue committing misdemeanors or felonies. Last but certainly not least, there is no enough surveillance, which increase the likelihood of a person being a victim of a crime.
To prevent that crime FROM continuously increasing, what the government needs to do is provide not only job but also educational opportunities, especially to young people. Were a teenager to have a job, it is highly likely that he would not join gangs OR MEDDLE IN DELINQUENT ACTIVITIES. In addition, it is imperative that the government allocateS more resources to cameras and personnel in order to discourage criminals from carrying out crimes. In regard to punishment, what should be guaranteed is that criminals receive what they deserve.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that in order to diminish the crime rate, the government needs to put into practice the aforementioned solutions. Were it to do so, we could live in a society where seldom do we see delinquency.

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