20 Jul 2015

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A few questions about a commencement speech

In the last couple of days I've been making subtitles for a commencement speech(Robert De Niro to the New York University Tisch School of the Arts).

Here are a few questions that I can't solve. I hope you can help me work them out.

Here is the link of the video:

(1) 07:19–07:25 I'm mostly gonna talk about these ideas in movie actor's ().
What's the last word here?

(2) 08:36–08:41 They are not () where artists get to play and express their individuality.
Is the word in the parentheses "tents"?

(3) 08:56–08:59 many more.... What's the left part of the sentence.

(4) 09:54–09:58 don't make a production out, I guess it's some typo here.
Here after the previous two long pauses, RDN continued his sentence. I find this sentence hard to understand(what does he mean by saying typo?).

(5) 12:36–12:42 Instead of () caps and gowns today
Is the word "rocking"?

(6) 13:34–13:41 I didn't attend Tisch (), any college....
I can't hear clearly the words in the parentheses.

(7)15:42–15:54 at the kind of super-sized version of one of () student lounge hangout sessions
I don't know the word in the parentheses. Also, could you please explain to me the meaning of this sentence?

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Simplified Chinese (China)

Simplified Chinese (China)
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