14 Dec 2019

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Could you please correct my English sentences below????
Our family challenged two things this year.
Starting nursery and starting work.
Finally my daughter started nursery last January, but she was still young, only just two years old. So at first, she was very upset, every morning cried a lot. That was a heartbreak for me. I wanted to cry with her every day. Then, something that I was sad about was teachers were not kind for us, I felt that they were not seem look after her properly. There are a lot of bad incidents. These things made me unhappy. I wanted them to just cuddle her. I wanted to them to give affection to her. I often talked teachers, but I didn’t feel their faith. After We talked, their attitude changed temporary, but I found their fundamentals has not changed.
Precisely, It is difficult to understand Montessori education for me, because way of educations are too difficult between Japan and London. I might not like Montessori.
She has continued to go to nursery this year eventually. Suzuha became get used to there, but I can’t still trust them. I suffer taking her to nursery everytime. I don’t know what should I do, which is better? Continue? Or leave nursery?
I have been thinking about it a whole year.
I often talked with my husband about her education. We often got in arguments.When we talked about her nursery, we fight every time. However recently I found that what parent don’t get along well is worst thing for her education. There is nothing more important than harmonious family.
I want to make a best decision for our family’s happiness!
And, this year, the opportunity to speak English with local people increased. I struggled with English as my English is not good. When I talked with them, I was very nervous.
I want to study more English, especially grammar. If my English improve, I want to have deep and meaningful conversations with others. It can be so difficult to have conversations that feel deep and meaningful and allow us to truly connect with the people that were speaking to.
I often felt lonely, and like no one really knew me, and I didn’t really know anyone else. All of my conversations felt like they stayed on the surface and they never deeper. I want to feel like truly connect with other people. I will definitely try to build up good friendship next year!

I’m sorry my sentences are very long!
Please correct!
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