15 Dec 2019

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Hi guys, can you please help me correct this text? Thank you

4. Report. Essentials.

This report encompasses a summary of the complaints of the customers of the restaurant located in the city center and the feasible solutions.


According to a survey that was held last month in the restaurant, most customers are disgruntled by the quality of the service. They assure that not only is the stuff sluggish, but their attitude is sullen. What is more, they feel that never before have they received such a poor service.
As far as food is concerned, they complained that no sooner had they tried the food than they felt that the dishes did not live up to their expectations. Apart from being bland, it was exaggerately pricely. Had they known that the food was so disgusting, they would have never visited the place.


There is no denying the fact that there is a need of taking urgent measures to enhance the situation. First and foremost, the employers should receive training related to customer service. Were they to be acknowledgeable about the importance of offering an outstanding service, they would strive to do their best. Secondly, under no circumstances should the cookers forget the imperative role of the food. Not only should they use ingredients of high quality, but they also should ensure that the taste would satisfy the diners. Last but certainly not least, the presentation of the dishes should be impeccable. The main aim is that all dishes look mouth-watering and can generate a good impression in customers. Were the aforementioned suggestions to be taken into account, there would be a diminishment in the number of complaints and without a shadow of a doubt the sales will spike.

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