15 Dec 2019

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hey can you check this text it's really important for me

A branch of knowledge that I’m keen on right now t is the economy and how it crosses with the present global situation. Especially what drives my attention is the current state of war-torn middle eastern countries e.g. the ongoing conflict in Syria. The dramatic fate of those states more or less affects all of us. One of many insights we could get in Europe of these formidable events is the influx of migrants not only to the affluent countries of Eastern Europe but also to the less likely places in the south such as Lebanon. Refugees from the Middle East have a massive influence on the economies of the receptive countries. It all comes down to the costs of giving refugees sufficient life conditions and resolving the problem of their potential long term stay. Noting the scale of the issue, it should be unquestionably taken under the discretion of the UN.

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