15 Dec 2019

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Viet Thant Nguyen was born in Vietnam in 1971, in Buon Ma Thuat, the capital of coffee, in Highlands. During the war, he loaded with his family to USA in 1975. His parents opened a food store in San Jose, California. At 4 years old, he learns a new word in English: refugee. At age of ten, he discovered the movie by Coppola, Apocalypse Now (1979). "I've watched it as a little American kid. Until this impossible moment where I didn't know anymore to whom identify. To Marlon Branlo, the terrible colonel Kurtz who aesthetising the barbarity? To Vietnamese people who died unable to say a word and who were finally only simple extras?". Today, Viet Thant Nguyen detains a Pulitzer for his first novel.

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