15 Dec 2019

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Does it sound natural?

It was an ordinary autumn day. I was going from school with no mood. People and students were happy, because tomorrow will be the Halloween night. Houses were with many funny and awesome decorations. But, i don’t like this day. It’s very scary for me to celebrate the day witch scared everyone.

I was thinking about this, but later i noticed a strange house with shadow. -What is it?! -Though i in my mind.
-It looks like a strange thing, but i’m not sure.
I screamed it, but it didn’t reacted. I was scared. I looked around, but saw no somebody, whom can help me.
I sighed and go to this shadow. When i approached to it, i saw a little boy, who was wearing in black suit and black mask with smile. He cried.
-What’s wrong? -i asked him.
The little boy look at me and say, that he lose yourself and don’t know what to do.
I don’t know, what to say, i offer to help and find his home. He agreed. He took my hand and we were going to his home.

We had been going home for 2 hours and talk about our lives and halloween. Finally The boy said, that we’re here. But before me was a huge,foggy forest. I was scares and didn’t understood, what is it?
The boy was looking on the forest fog and had no mood.
I looked again and saw in fog grаy shadows people. I was scared and looked at the little. The boy looked at me and given me the smile. He thanked me and went to the foggy forest with this shadows. The boy disappeared in the fog with quiet laugh. I was in shock. Near me was the black mask with smile which the boy was wearing.

I went home. For a long time i had been thinking about this boy and in my hand i was taking the mask. I stopped to afraid the ghosts and halloween.
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