26 Dec 2019

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Hello. I am asking for some advice. I am a new student of Japanese.
I would like to give New Year Greeting cards to several people who have been so kind to help me learn and speak Japanese. I do not know what is the most respectful and proper way to do this.

I would like to buy and or make the cards. I know how to write their names in hiragana and kanji.

The people I would like to give them to are acquaintances/ friends. There are four people at a small wonderful Japanese grocery market that I have made friends with and they have been lovely kind teachers for me. One person is the owner of the market, and 3 of the people are his employees.

I read that people give New Year Greeting cards with a lottery number in them.
Should I buy a lottery number and put it in each homemade card?

Is this respectful?

Is it ok if I make the cards?
or is better if I buy them?

I am going to do the writing. Is this ok even though I am a beginner?

Would it be better is I type it and copy that onto the card? rather than

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