28 Dec 2019

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I write an essay every day, but I'm not sure if it is correct or not.
Could you check it and please let me know if there are any mistakes?
Thank you.

How did your parents meet?

My parents met at a junior high school. They are teachers. My mother quite the job when my brother was born. She was a music teacher. My father still works as a physical teacher. I wasn't interested in how they met, but when I reached a university student, I asked them this question with my sister. I kind of guessed that they met at a school which they worked together because teachers often get married to co-workers.
Actually, my guess was correct. In the past, I hated my father and I didn't know why my mother got married to him. However, now I got the reason. He always cares about family. It would be long time later I will marry to somebody. When the time comes, I would like to do that with a person like my father.

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