28 Dec 2019

Question about English (UK)

Any mistakes?

He was lying on a sofa one hour later and thinking: - I`m not a boy and I will not run on this stupid date. But it`s interesting to know who wrote it. The handwriting, certainly, belongs to a woman. Probably, some widow. Widows are light-headed at all. Who can it be? - It was a difficult question especially because he didn`t know any woman in the village except his wife. – It`s strange – he thought. “I love you”. – When she managed to fall in love without meeting, without knowing what kind of person I am. Perhaps she is very young and inexperienced if she is able to fall in love so quickly. But who is she?- Suddenly Pavel recalled that walking in the park he had met a girl several times yesterday and the day before yesterday. It was a young blonde woman in a blue dress. She often looked at him and when he sat on a bench she sat next to him.
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  • English (UK)
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