01 Jan 09:36 AM

Question about Korean

are my sentences correct?

1. 제가 더 조용하게 말하길 바란다면 꼭 할 수 있어요
if you want me to speak more quietly, i definitely can

2. 내가 다른 식으로 설명해 주길 바란다면 알려주세요
if you want me to explain in a different manner/way, tell me

3. 내가 어렸을 때 수영을 엄청 잘 한 거 몰라요?
dont you know that i swam well when i was young?

4. 러시아는 국가인 거 몰라요?
dont you know that russia is a country?

5. inception는 내 제일 좋아하는 영화인거 몰라요?
dont you know inception is my favorite movie?

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