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Question about German

Hello. I have been conducting a little research about how to say "Look at me!" in German. Here is what I already have:

1) "Sieh mich an!" (ansehen)

2) "Blick mich an!" (anblicken)

3) "Betrachte mich!" (betrachten)

4) "Schau mich an!" (anschauen)

5) "Guck mich an!" (angucken)

6) "Sieh zu mir!" (zusehen)

7) "Blick zu mir!" (zublicken)

8) "Schau zu mir!" (zuschauen)

9) "Guck zu mir!" (zugucken)

I know that notes to the first five are: "Alles korrekt... aber nur 1 4 und 5 sind üblich."

Could you please help me with these questions?

A) Which one from the 6) to 9) are "üblich"?

B) Are they all grammatically correct?

C) Which one(s) would you actually say?

D) Is there more ways to say "Look at me!" in German?

Thank you.

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