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This ocasion, my nagging wanderslust for travel took me to New York, the city of cities, it was a lovely and exciting trip, although I had many problems.
Following my trip from Madrid to New York my luggage was lost thus I had to file a complaint at the costumer assistand desk In New York aerport and I indeed had to made it in English thus it took me a bit time, however, I was able to do it. Afterwards, I got taxi and went to the hotel, it was just in the middle of Mahhatan in Time Square, we were really tired so after took a quiet walking for a while in Time Square we went to hotel to sleep. At 3am an alarm turned up, the first I thought it was my wife's phone alarm but it each time was more strongly sound, so I got up and opened the door of the room, Oh my god! all of a sudden I noticed a stronged smell a fire and a lot of smoke, the hotel was in fire it was burning, I coudn't believe it,
I was out of place, I thought it's nightmare, my wife jumped of the bed and thoughtlessly, we dressed, and took the passports, phone and money and left the room, this was a mistake that could have gone wrong, my wife said take the lift, I said her no are you crazy?, we must got the stairs down. we were in the six floor and the fire was in the four floor, nevertheless we could go down the stairs without danger.
More or less 200 firefighters arrived soon and many fire trucks by the way, like all in New York it was decorated with christmas light and items. we all were in the street, many of them were undress and the weather was really cold six degrees below zero can you imagine.
luckily, four hours later the fire was out, the hotel manager gave me the possibility to change the hotel, but I have to change two hotels in 4 nights and more time is wasted, therefore, due to the fact that my floor wasn't affected by the fire I decided staied there. well I also had to file a complaint, I've asked be refund by of the night of the fire and city taxes, In this application and two days later my baggage was brought to the hotel
Thank you so much, Happy new year!!!

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