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Correct me please!
오늘 날씨가 흐린데 비가 올까(I wonder if it’ll rain since it’s cloudy today.)
오늘보다 어제는 훨씬 더웠어요.(It was much hotter yesterday than it is today.)
늦은 밤에 술을 마실래요?(Would you like to drink late at night?)
영화가 너무 무서워서 극장에서 돌아왔어요.(I came back from the theater because the movie was too scary.)
이거 저한테요? 우와, 진짜 마음에 들어네요!(Is this for me? Wow, I really like it.)
오늘 내 집에 놀자.(Let's hang out at my house today.)
더 빨리 뛰어 봐요!(Try running faster!)
저를 아무도 멈출 수 없어요!(Nobody can stop me!)
약 내년쯤 서울에 이사 갈 거예요.(I'm moving to Seoul around next year.)
제가 여행을 너무 좋아해요!(I love traveling a lot!)

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