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Question about Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

How do you say this in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)? 除了拳术,腿术等各种技法之外,中国武术还使用各种器械,像刀,棍,剑什么的。

I'll try to translate it: except for box,kick boxing,other techniques etc.. (literally "every kind of technique"<--In English doesn't sound natural) , Chinese martial arts also use every kind of tools such as knives, sticks, swords etc..

ps: I think the 除了拳术,腿术等各种技法之外 part is a bit messy. The author of the book I took this sentence from is Italian so he may make mistakes at times.
I would rewrite it as 除了拳术,腿术,各种技法等之外 <--do you think that it sounds more natural this way? If I'm wrong please explain to me this structure 除了拳术,腿术等各种技法之外 because 等 generally comes after a complete list of items. That means 各种技法 should not be part of the list. If that were the case they might as well put 各种技法 outside the 除了.........之外 structure. In that case I would not be able to translate the whole sentence since 各种技法 seems extraneous to the sentence itself
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Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
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