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Is there any wrong grammer??
Please let me know☺️

I have a bad hangover because i am really weak at drinking.
Each country has its own way of relieving hangovers.
Most koreans try to get rid of hangovers by eating warm soup.
In my case i try to exercise to sweat out for it
for example Jogging, yoga, riding a bicycle.
It’s because i get tired and feel heavy easily the next day after drinking.
Actually i didn’t like to work out at first.
but the older i get, the weaker i feel
No matter how much I rest at home, my hangover doesn't seem to go away.
But after exercising, I feel hard but refreshed.
Too much exercise can be bad, so light exercise is advised.
I recommend that you try it and Please share your own way with me.
Thanks for listening.

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English (US)
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