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Could you please tell me if this is grammarly correct?
A friend of mine recommended me this book last year, but in the first place i thought it might be bored so i didn't read, but then my friend give me the first book so i gaved it a chance and i fell in love with the story.
In a brief summary, these books are about Claire Randall, who's a nurse and is on her second honey moon with her husband Frank in Scotland, but things take turn for the crazy and all of a sudden she desapears because she touches a standing stones that are in the scotish highlands and she gets transported back in time to 1700.
Amazingly, she goes along with the people of that period and meets Jamie Fraser, a scotish warrior, and things change for both.
I must say, each book are about 800 pages long but if you read them, you'll be bewitched. I particularly read them all in just one month, but if you also want to watch the story on TV, the serie on Netflix.

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