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If there is something unnatural in this sentence, i'd be happy to point out and correct it. I look forward to your early reply.

Today, I want tell you about the negative effects of tourism. Suddenly, I will ask you. What do you think by looking at this picture? I felt that there are too many tourists. A significant increase in tourists can have negative impacts on the living environment and landscape of local residents. This is called over tourism. How many tourists are increasing? According to the graph, the number of tourists visiting Japan increased sharply to about 28million in 2019, compared to 6million in 2011. That is about 4.5 times. There are various reasons for this trend, but the growing interest in Japan especially, through SNS, will have led to that increase. In fact, when I searched on Instagram, a huge number of hashtags was hit. These issues can be broadly into three categories. I will give specific examples. The first is damage caused by tourist’s manners. In Kyoto, an insane attitude toward Maiko is occurring. Second, tourists who take pictures everywhere hinder the living environment of residents. Third, such beautiful Kamogawa is actually overflowing with garbage. In order to solve these problems, it is essential that governments, local governments and individuals work together. Recently, it has become commonplace for foreigners who do not understand Japanese to install signage guides in multiple languages. However, there are opinions that even the signboard is hindering the beautiful landscape, so the introduction of apps for tourists is also being promoted. The expansion of the network should be improved to prevent congestion. Many organizations and companies are working to solve the problem. But what I think is the most important is Each one must observe good manners as a tourist and as a resident there. I think that you will go out more often during the spring vacation. At the time, I am glad if you can remind me of this presentation.

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English (US)
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