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Today, I want to tell you about a beautiful memory. It was a volunteer trip with the VIL club at my school. I want to do it because I want to share what I have with the children in need. Before my Lunnar new year, I with my friends to a preschool about 40km from the city center. We started at 5:30 am. Everyone excited and sing together in the car. Because of the bad road, 5km from the preschool, we had to walk and bring clothes, cakes, candy, milk up for the children. Their school is very small and simple. Only about 10° C, but children do not have coats and some children do not have shoes or sandals. they so happy and one baby hug me. It's so cute.Around 13:30 pm , we say goodbye to children and visit some of the city's history places. It is very beautiful and ancient. Those are great memories for me. I will visit them again this summer.
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