20 Mar 11:56 AM

Question about German

"Ich singe ein Lied für dich" vs " Ich singe ein Lied für dir"

I was wondering why it's "dich" and not "dir." How come this is not the correct structure?
Nominative - Ich (person doing the action)
Accusative - Ein Lied (The thing thats being done)
Dative - dir

In comparison, I completely understand "Ich habe dir eine Email geschickt"
Nominative - Ich
accusative - eine Email (because it's being sent)
therefore dative - dir

consequently, I'm confused as to why "du" takes the accusative and changes to "dich," when surely "Ein Lied" should take the accusative instead since its the thing that's being done by the action, in this case it's being sung.

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

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