20 Mar 12:46 PM

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I'd like to tell you all about my first job.I started working as a commis chef a week ago.My best friend's dad,who is a cook,offered me this job for this summer.He knew that I'm interested into cooking.I really enjoy it.One of my biggest responsabilities are washing the dishes cut vegetables and fruits which cook needs.Obviously I'm cooking too and I'm sure that it makes me more confident about cooking.It's a good way to gain experience which can be useful for work in the future.One of the biggest and the most important advantages is that I can working with someone who has experience in this job and I can learning from him.But like every job there are disadvantages too and for me it's that you have always pay attention to the time of cooking and sometimes it's hard.The first day of my work I needed to do shopping for the dish and I couldn't find all the ingredents I needed but I think that was the most annoying thing but I hope will be okay in the future.

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