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1. Can someone fix the gramma for me in this paragraph? please. Thank you so much

In the poem “You, the Choice of my Parents” by Konai Helu Thaman, an important idea that we learned from the poet is that we must challenge societal norms by standing up for ourselves. The poet uses direct address “YOU, the choice of my parents” to address the groom. She uses the accusatory tone to blame her parents because the man that her parents chose for her is not the one that she loves. The poet also used personal pronouns “I” in the phrase "I have no other choice" to say that she had to do whatever her parents told her to do even if she doesn’t want to do it. In Tonga culture, obedience is very important because they are the one who brings us to this world. The reason why the poet had to listen to her parents is because she is the oldest in her family, “Save that I am first born…”, she had to be a good model for her younger sister.

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