20 Mar 08:57 PM

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Question about Spanish (Mexico)

Hey. Can you please translate this into Spanish? :)

I'd like to dedicate this post in Spanish because most of you speak the language or it's actually your mother tongue.
Dear friends.. Thank you for lots of messages how am I doing because you guys could feel that something bad is going on in my life. I can't tell that everything's alright but I'm quite well, sometimes I'm just a bit stressed especially now when the virus has been spreading. But those messages from you show me that I have true friends who care about me no matter how far away we are. I must say I'm lucky because I have you all. I'm shocked. I would never expect that even if I'm not living the same country anymore or the continent you guys would stay with me by my side and reach out to me. Hope you all safe. Please take care of yourself!
I love you all!

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