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Q.Why do you apply this University?

I like H university's curriculum and course. I saw the contents of the course posted on the homepage. It was focused on experiential and practical things. There was many design subjects that originate from everyday life. For example, named Tri color, Feurio, and Urban mining lectures were impressive. Color is always around us, but we rarely have a chance to study it. In the Tri color lecture, it was good to see an exhibition about Color and experiment with various media such as paper, thread, and lighting. If I experience this class, I will definitely improve a sense of color. In the Feurio lecture, it was interesting to see elements in design work such as fire rise and temperature difference according to the height. I can feel that they studied the fire in detail. In the Urban mining lecture, it was good to design objects around us with various materials. I like the time that can actually handle metal, ceramics, leather and metal while designing. When I learned design at a university in Korea, I never actually went out to the field to observe, experiment, and work with materials. I used to do 3D modeling using a computer. It were all non-working mock up. Even after getting a job, I thought I was making only seemingly plausible design. I wanted to experience the proper design process and wanted to learn. However, I couldn't learn in Korea, so I applied here for H universities.
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