21 Mar 04:51 PM

Question about English (US)

Could you check my grammar?? 👉👈
is it natural??


Hi i am Diana
As i know there is nobody who doesen’t know Starbucks.

Its becuase we can see it so easily even in other countries

I will let you know a couple of tips about Starbucks and why i like it.

First, as you know or may not know when customers collect 12stars, they can exchange the stars for drinks.
And If they use their own tumbler, they can get one more star.

Second, as for myself i like Honey Grapefruit Black Tea the most. when i order it i always ask a staff to add Grapefruit syrup instead of normal syrup. it’s for free it’s interesting right?

Third, There are many kinds of pretty cards.
so when i want to express my gratitude to people i uausally give them these cards with cash
in my opinion If I don't know what they like , it's the best gift to satisfy them.

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