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hello everyone!!! I need helps. I'm not good at English very much. This time i have some online exams. The bellow paragraph is mine. I'm sure there are many mistakes but i don't know when and what. Please help me check it again and correct everything that you see it right. =.= tks so much
cam on!!!

In 2020, the world is stunned for the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic which has changed much of beliefs, values, norms, and social practices across the cultures.Firstly, It is seriously influenced that is some social practices. According to the survey, services industries such as aviation, tourism and education have lost millions of dollars in less than a month, many people in this field have lost their jobs and have to find the new job. Evenly , as the epidemic becomes more and more complicated, many people have to stay at home due to most of companies and shops cut off staff or are closed. Next, ways of greeting in some cultures are also get some changes. In some countries, people greet by hugging or kissing on cheek each other, in current circumstances, these is fastest and most dangerous way to infect the virus. Therefore, the government has issued a number of polices to restrict people from leaving home, crowds and closed contact, these methods has changed a lot local customs. For instance, people limit to hang out at weekend, they wave hands from distant instead of hugging or kiss on cheek for greeting,etc. In conclusion, if the epidemic get worse, it will make many changes about economic, education, customs, and values over the world. Hope everything better, and people should cooperate effectively with government to protect our safe.
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