12 Jan 2017

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can you check this?? please..)
Atmospheric phenomena is a stress factor for healthy people and also provoke an aggravation of the various diseases. A comprehensive study of their impact on the human body will reduce or completely eliminate.
The study will be conducted on patients (age range 30-99 years) in two randomized groups. The first group consists of male patients suffering from arterial hypertension and/or coronary heart disease. The second group will consist of patients with the same diagnosis. Monitoring will be carried out the treatment card and the journal of emergency medical care. Key features include the values of blood pressure and pulse. Comparisons will be made of the influence of various meteorological factors (atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind, etc.). The analysis of the correlation between hemodynamic parameters and weather conditions obtained from the local Cathedralcity. The data obtained can then be used for preventive measures
does this sound natural?

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