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Hi native speakers:
Could you please tell me if the following sentences are correct?
10. (The) people in Taiwan speak the same language as in China but (the) population in Taiwan is not as large/many/much as in China. (I s the sentence correct? Can (the)s be omitted? Are there any other ways to say it?)
11. Jane is the most beautiful of the 3 girls in this family.
12. Last Sunday, my father made dinner for Mother’s Day.
13. What stage are we up to/ in now?
14. What difficulty are we facing?
15. She went to a girls’/girl’s school when she was in high school.
16. Jane is the most beautiful among the 3 girls in this family.
17. This is a boys’ room. (I mean a few boys live in this room, not just one.)
18. What’s outside the box?
19. A lot of people are going to drugstores/ pharmacies/ chemist’s to buy face masks these days.

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