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Q,Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past.

A, I agree with statement.I have two reasons.
First , some teacher can't catch up with this world.I mean situation of the world can easily change and some people,especially teacher, have to note that.In my personally opinion,what is the teacher is teach their students that they don't know what have to do in that time , that is , teacher have to look in the world situation for their work.But some teacher don't do that.Because they didn't realize or ignore their duty.I think that people have not worth being respect.
The other reason is their personalty.Of course they are human and can make mistake but teacher can't be allow to make mistake.As I mentioned, each person have their thinking ,religion and inhabit,but when they teach students ,they should work without that thing.
In conclusion, some teacher have to be respected,but ,actually, there a non-worth to be respect person is exist.

Please correct and supplement this writing more naturally. Please use a different expression if necessary for this writing,and teach me others expressions either.
I wrote this in limited time of 20 minute.
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