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Q,Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important problems of the society can be solved during our lifetime.

I disagree with this statement because we have too much problem to be solve.for example, pollution,confrontation with some country or itself and discrimination.Let's talk about pollution, we have been destroying and spend the earth material.We have to deal with this issue since we noted that situation, but we did with little effort.And when we tackle this issue, we can't start without strike of chemical magic powder or something like that , or will of people which have a passion to solve that.
But,as I said,we have a lot of problem and each problem should have to be discussed as much as possible ,that is , we have can't deal with and solve those problem during our lifetime.My personally opinion but we have to do more hard for those problem or we will be broken by ourselves

Please correct and supplement this writing more naturally. Please use a different expression if necessary for this writing,and teach me others expressions either.
I wrote this in limited time of 20 minute.
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