16 May 10:02 AM

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‎I have a question about children's mannar during online zoom classes for kindergarteners.

do you personally think eating in zoom lesson is considered very rude in your culture/country? also, may I know a general idea of it?

For me, during this situation, I have been letting my kids take Zoom classes a lot with other kids from many different countries and I really didn't care when some kids were eating their snacks because it's not my business to care about and if they are hungry they should take a bite first to feel comfortable, however, one day when my kid was eating his snacks and drinking tea during a lesson with a japanese teacher, she sent me an email later on not to eat during a class, which is extreamly rude to the class.

I was really shocked that I and my son were lectured by a person because my son is friendly and nice and also, none of native speakers people in the world I met online told kids never to eat when taking online class.

May I know your thoughts of it?

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