16 May 12:00 PM

Question about English (US)

Hey language learners out there, I have a question!

So I heard lots of Japanese learners watch anime to learn Japanese, but they're concerned they sound like anime after watching too much anime!
There's even Reina's video "how not to sound like anime in japanese" explaining watching too much anime causes foreigners to speak like it. (Actually I'm not sure if it's true, I have an anime lover as a friend and he speaks Japanese pretty naturally)
So I'm a huge lover of British films and cartoons and during coronavirus confinement all I did was watch those and I think I watched too many of them lol Should I be worried about me sounding like characters in films and cartoons?
I'm not worried about sounding British at all, having that kind of accent is cool but what I don't want is that I might to talk a bit like these characters....especially cartoons
Thanks in advance folks

P.S to give you more details, these characters speak a bit dramatic, and very high-pitched voice
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