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What does 巻いた 
(In this sentence: ココはもっとこう巻いた感じで長身な...たとえばゴルフたしなむような美女がお似合い)

I read this sentence in manga :“ココはもっとこう巻いた感じで長身な...たとえばゴルフたしなむような美女がお似合い”
the context is 女の子 sitting on 助手席,feels not so comfortable because sitting here with 男の子 makes her feel 違和感。I guess 巻いたdescribes women’s hair (woman in 女の子のimagination) or women’s pose(because she is tall enough so she can stand casually?) I am not sure which understanding is right. I love this manga and dying to know the answer. どうもありがとうございます。
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