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I'm writing a contemporary fantasy novel about a 376-year-old enchantress who has been cursed and transforms into a winged demoness at sunset. The novel is set in March of this year and mainly in Portland, Oregon. In the novel, three Danish henchmen have a few scenes. I was wondering if some native Danish speakers could help me out. I'm listing the sentences I currently have with the English translation. Please let me know if what I'm saying actually works in Danish or if I need to make corrections. If anyone is interested in an advance copy of the novel for review, please let me know. Thank you!

- Hey, for hvad er alt dette; Hey, what’s all this for?
- Det er bare barbarisk; That’s just barbaric.
- Dig og dine knive; You and your knives.
- Så? So? (Might need some clarification. Can you use this "så" the way you use it in English? In the scene, one character is looking at the other and wants to know if he found anything, in the sense, "So, did you find anything?"
- Ja, du havde ret; Yes, you were right.
- Hey, drenge, jeg har fundet ham! Hey, guys, I found him!
- Binder ham. tie him up.
- Vær så venlig og skyder ikke. Please, don’t shoot.
- Vi vil adskille dem. let’s split them up.
- Så, Maddy, du taler dansk. So, Maddy, you speak Danish.
- En smule. A little.

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