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Q,Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In modern society, parents should learn more from children than children learn from parents

A,I agree with this statement.I have two reasons why.First, educater have to be more smart than children. I mean smart is intelligent and good as a person at least.Children will imitate and do as educater do.In addition , society is changing and parents should catch and keep up with this change because when they educate their children , they educate with information of modern and useful.They can learn that from their children , and use that things.
Second , I think person who don't have a ambition or improvement-mind is as well as dead.I mean parents should show their children their attitude to learn.By doing so , their children will do as parents do.They can learn important thing.As I mentioned , ambitious is necessary and important for the children future , and parents should educate this with their attitude which attitude to learn from their children.So that parents learn more from children than children learn from parents is good and have to do thing.

Please correct and supplement this writing more naturally. Please use a different expression if necessary for this writing,and teach me others expressions either.
I wrote this in limited time of 20 minute.
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