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This is my speech script. Please check the unnatural English.
There are 6 types of jump in figure skating. It is difficult for beginners to distinguish them. Today, I’ll tell you how to distinguish 6 types of the jump.
First, they are divided into two categories based on the jumping direction. Axel is jumping forward. But other jumps are jumping backward. Axel is the most difficult jump of the six. Because to jump forward on ice is unstable.
Second, they are also classified into two categories based on how to step in. Axel, Lutz, and flip use shop edge to step in. But toe loop, Salchow, and loop use the toe to do it. The former is more difficult to step in than the latter. The score of the former is higher than the latter.
Finally, do you understand how to distinguish 6 types of the jump? if you understand them, you can enjoy watching figure skating more. Thank you for listening.

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