22 Jun 11:04 AM

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Samsung s10 vs s20

Has a more capacious battery, 7000mAh vs 5000mAh, a difference of 2000mAh
Weighs 50 grams less, 150 vs 100
It has a better resolution rear camera, Sony IMX100 13Mp against Sony IMX200 20Mp
Has a more screen resolution,1024x768 vs 800x600
Has a better resolution selfie camera, Sony IMX300 8Mp vs Sony IMX250 5Mp
10% faster in Antutu test (123 points difference)
On 10%, scored better points in Dxomark (difference in 50 points)

Pls fix my mistake in these sentences

and if you have time please

Can you fix mistakes here, it will be great, thank you

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