22 Jun 01:41 PM

Question about English (UK)

There are people who think that with intelligence comes success. We can also find people who claim that there are other ways to estimate whether someone is intelligent or not. I firmly believe that intelligence can not be measured. It is just impossible.
Firstly, if we take a look on Instagram we will find a couple of interesting things. We can find there plenty of people who have millions subscribers. The advetisers pay them hundreds of dollars to promote their products. Does it mean there are intelligent? They achieved success so they must be, but if you watch their live relation and read their posts you would have doubts. These types of people are successful because they are bold and they are not afraid to take a risk.
Moreover, there are tests that with their help we can measure our IQ. If we have a look more closely we will notice that these tests show only our analytical skills. As far as I see it, intelligence is not only ability do match missing figures of numbers.
Finally, nowadays we have plethora types of intelligence, for instance there is logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence , musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence there is also adaptable intelligence. So what does it mean to be intelligent?
Taking everything into consideration, I would say that the success is not a measure of intelligence. What is more, it is impossible to evaluate how intelligent we are. We can act very smart in one area and be completely foolish in another one.

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