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Question about English (US)

Please check my English below and correct it. Thank you.
Thanks so much for meeting with me today. My name is ●●. I am ** years old.
The closest station is @@ and it takes about 25minutes to Shinjuku. 
I am learning like HTML and CSS by my own.
It is my first time to learn them. It’s exciting than I expected before.
I plan to learn the other programming language little by little.
I have worked at previous company for a year and three months as a member of procurement department.
During that time, I used to get into communication with customers worldwide about 10 countries in English.
Most of documents were written in English, so I used English every day at work.

I would say my greatest strength is a combination of communication skills and empathy.
I can always have compassion for and think from other people’s point of view.
At my last job, I focused on building a good relationships among co-workers and customers.
I believe that my multiple strengths would be helpful after attending your project.

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  • English (US) Near fluent
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