22 Jun 07:50 PM

Question about English (US)

서로 언어를 공유 하고 싶은 사람이 있나요?
영어로, 교과서 언어를 넘어서 일반적이고 자연스러운 대화를 하고 싶어요! 저처럼 한국어를 일상생활에서 자연스럽게 쓰시고 싶은 분이 있다면 답변주세요!

*This is my English skill using my translator!
Is there anyone who wants to share a language with each other? In English, I want to have a general and natural conversation beyond textbook language! If you want to speak Korean naturally in your daily life like me, please answer me!

*Real my English skill
Are you want to share language each other?
I want to speak usually and not strange in English!
Anybody wants to Korean looks like me, than please answer my question!

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  • English (US) Near fluent
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  • English (US) Near fluent
  • Turkish

  • English (US) Near fluent
  • Turkish
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