22 Jun 09:29 PM

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Dear Agnes,

Let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Elli Foteinatou. Following your previous email to my dad, Spiros Fotinatos,
it is rather disappointing to commence our business relationship based on lack of integrity and lack of professionalism.

I absolutely understand the Covid - 19 situation and its impact on Tourism however it was only I after I had to chase you for updates that I found out that you will be cancelling your Skala region itinerary.

I would have appreciated an earlier update as my hotel room inventory reserved for you, as per our signed agreement, is now unsold due to lack of communication from your side with severe impact on my business for this season.

Not sure what Mr Takis communicated to you but no meeting or conversation between Mr Takis and ourselves took place in the bank or any other place.

Furthermore I can see online that you do sell packages for Kefalonia and we would like to be included in order to capture any last minute bookings for this season.

Hence I am issuing the enclosed Voucher reflecting the 6.000 euros deposit that will be used from your side according to the T&C attached in order to push and promote The Medusa studios/apartments for this year and next year.

Our availability and payment T&C are stated in the signed agreement, enabling you with flexibility on creating competitive packages for our Property considering the current situation.

I do expect you take into serious consideration the jeopardy of our business partnership and the loss of revenue on my business and I look forward to listening to your plans for promoting my property.

With kind regards,

Elli Foteinatou

Does it sound ok?
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