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Does this expression sound natural?
Could you please correct me?

I plan on moving to the U.S., but I have some worries
One of them is food.
I'm wonder whether or not I like American meal and keep the good health condition.
When I traveled to the N.Y., I ate pizza and I had diarrhea.
I couldn't eat enough until I got better, and I lost 3 kilos in three weeks.
I guess that the reason was oil.
American food is much oiler than Japanese food.
The pizza I ate was very oily, but the taste was good and I ate too much.
As a result, I couldn't digest oil and had a diarrhea.
I think Japanese people are not able to digest and metabolize as much oil as American people are.
If I eat as much as Americans do, I should get sick and lifestyle disease.

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