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Question about Greek

Can you help me find out which Greek words I'm looking for? (read "Additional Information" for more details)

1. Τερας Belva
2. Τερας Prova
3. Τερας Lyuba
4. Τερας Cruva
5. Τερας Entoma
6. Τερας Protoma
7. Τερας Crutoma
8. Τερας Efimera
9. Τερας Promera
10. Τερας Crumera
11. Τερας Ragona
12. Τερας Progona
13. Τερας Crugonas
14. Τερας Deglergo
15. Τερας Cacaue
16. Τερας Procaca
17. Τερας Crucaca
18. Τερας Chevalie
19. Τερας Mie-tha

Hello. A little weird request here. I'm trying to find the meaning of Greek words that have been written with Japanese letters and then with English (Latin) letters. The words are therefore "corrupted" and hard for me to translate. For example "Tellus pharma" is probably supposed to come from the words "Τερας φάρμα". All the following words are different made up monsters, and I believe number 5 is supposed to be "Τερας έντομα" which I think means "Monster insect / Huge insect".
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